Feelings are not Facts

On this sunny Saturday, I am thinking about some recent events in my life. Most don’t know this but I decided to apply to school to study a Masters in Public Health. After waiting 3 long months for a response, I discovered that I was not admitted into the program.

Talk about a bust to the Ego. It felt like the ‘right’ step to take with the direction I envisioned my career to be moving. I was crushed when I found out it wasn’t the outcome I had been hoping for. After talking it over with some very special people in my world, I’ve come to realize a few things:

1. Following my intuition for big decisions can be risky. When something ‘feels right’, it doesn’t always mean it’s what is right for me. The feelings I have are not always credible and it’s okay for things to fall through. New doors will open. 

2. I am not a logical person. As a fully emotional being, this has shown to be a double edged sword. Only listening to my heart and not my head can lead to taking some back-steps. It can also help remind me to take a deep breath and approach the next chapter of my life with a little more clarity.

3. When I Let Go and Let God in, I’ve noticed, on occasion, that I’m freed from the strong controlling tendencies I have been blessed (cursed?!) with! Why on earth did I ever think I could control every single detail in my life!? Although this quality may have served me well earlier in my life, it is a hinderance now. 

4. Somethings just aren’t meant to be! The simple fact that I have taken this courageous step onto a new path has also helped to pave the way for new opportunities to present themselves! My calling is still out there and I will discover it when I am open and willing. 

Sharing this with you all is vulnerable but vulnerability is the birth place of where growth happens. I wanted to keep this little moment of grief to myself but I quickly realized that isn’t going to serve me! So, I thought it may be helpful to just one other to tell this little story of rejection. 

When we are faced with rejection, sometimes it is in that very moment we needed to be open to brand new experiences and ideas. It doesn’t feel good to hear ‘No’ but even as adults, it’s all part of ‘growing up’. “Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places”. -Unknown author

Photo credit: Image courtesy of anankkml at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.