Playing Catch-Up


Last week, I made a big commitment to living like a Minimalist. Since then, only 8 days ago, here’s 3 ah-ha’s I have learned so far:

1. When you have a new baby, all those glorious plans you make get thrown out the window. Who knew my daughter would suffer her very first ear infection when I’m trying to get our house in perfect order!? Turns out, I’m learning now more than ever that my priorities have to shift every day, every hour, every minute! If she’s feeling unwell, that is where my energy goes. The uncluttering may have to wait another day or 3…

2. I really am struggling to look at all my things as just things. Everything seems to hold some strange sentimental value right now! Those house+home magazines? I could use them for inspiration to beautify our living room! Those tattered/ripped sheer curtains? I’m going to rehang them until I can order new custom fit blinds. That mountain of bricks in the basement that was intended for the second fireplace 30+ years ago, well before either Joshua or I were born? Maybe I’ll use them in the non-existent garden this year & paint them like vintage books. Damn you, Pinterest!! 

3. This is damn hard work. On Day 3 or 4 (I’m already losing track), I hurt my lower back while spending close to 2 hours collapsing cardboard for recycling. The problem is that it was a collection since before Christmas that included all of the gift boxes we received as well as every single toilet paper roll we’ve finished in months!!! Why on earth did we put this off ’till now?! Could it be the fact that we’re both chronically exhausted or just purely lazy? I’m going to vulnerably say it’s somwhere in the middle. 

Well, today is day 8 of 30 of the Minimalism Game & I plan to get my head back in it. Our sweet daughter has just slept (still sleeping, I might add) for about 10 hours (with minimal wake-ups in the night for her dream feeds) & I’m surprisingly rested too!

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day! I’m thinking I’ll tackle the bathroom today. Wish me luck!


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