A Committment to Minimalism

When Joshua & I were packing up our lives in Alberta to move to BC, some very real qualities about each of us were revealed. Simply put: I’m a Hoarder and he is a Minimalist. Opposites really do attract I’ve learned!

My tendency to hoard is not like what is portrayed on TV: where you literally cannot walk through a house without some old piece of trash rubbing against your sleeve. Yet, I do feel there is a level of unhealthiness to my hoarding.

I tend to let unopened envelopes pile before reading them; mountains of laundry stacked before tackling them; items stowed irrationally on my dresser (and dining table and bedside table and bathroom counter and so forth) before removing them. I am making it sound like we live in a dump, which we do not; but for some (my Minimalist spouse), it is getting out of hand.

It’s not that I don’t agree with him, I just really struggle with organization. In my mind, our books are neatly & alphabetically organized on a well dusted bookcase; the plastic bins in the basement are labeled and easily accessible; our office is a functional space where my craft supplies finally have a home of their own.

The reality is this is not the case & I have a lot of work to do. Another reality is this: I’m really hard on myself! Al-Anon calls it a character defect & it’s not serving me any good as an adult! So, it’s time to boldly look at my hoarding tendencies & strive to be a little more Minimalistic like my Significant Other.

Where do I start? Well I came across a neat game by The Minimalists called a Minimalism Game. Basically what you do is spend 30 days getting rid of things you don’t need. Day 1: get rid of 1 item, Day 2: 2 items, Day 30: 30 items. This sounds daunting for a hoarder at heart. I’m willing to make the commitment to Minimalism though. For me, for Joshua & for our daughter!

It starts today, and each day I will report back. Are you willing to make this commitment with me? Leave a comment & we can support one another!


3 thoughts on “A Committment to Minimalism

  1. I would love to do this Randi 🙂 It feels like our house is so cluttered all the time. I can let things go but then more gets brought out and no room.

    I love all your posts!!


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