Basic Needs: A List of Baby+Mom Items

Good morning from my home in cloudy Northern BC!

A few hours ago, I replied to an email of a fellow Blogger asking for advice about must-have baby items. She was pleased with my list & encouraged me to publish it for others to read! So, for anyone needing a little assistance with prepping for a new baby, this is for you! (Thank you Sarah On Purpose!).

I became a first-time mama last July 2015 to our beautiful daughter Jovie. These last (almost) 9 months have really helped show me what is essential for parenting & then all the fluff! Here’s our must-haves:

For Newborn:

-An infant car seat, of course. We purchased a Graco system with stroller combo simply because it was on sale $100 off at Sears. Overall it has been a good car seat but not my favourite. Since I don’t have anything else to compare it to, I have had a lot stressed moments getting it in & out of the car. We are now stress free about it but ready to buy the next step convertible car seat. Oh the joys…

-Halo Bassinest for beside your bed. This was incredible for us. Our daughter didn’t (doesn’t really now) sleep so it helped me meet her needs all night long. I love the features. In all honesty though, we didn’t really use the vibration & music player all that much (I used my iPhone on repeat ALL night playing Dan Gibsons Country Retreat album and/or Enya’s Carribean Blue).

-Newborn sleepers!!! A friend of ours gave us 3 boxes full of infant clothing starting at 0-3 months. However, our Jovie didn’t fit them until 1 month old!!! So my mother in law purchased us 3 or 4 newborn sleepers to get us by. In hindsight, I can’t believe we never thought of this! Live & learn, right?!

-Newborn & size 1 disposable diapers. We trialed Huggies but Pampers won our vote. I really wanted (still want) to do cloth diapering but I haven’t been able to add it to my plate. I have had significant Postpartum Anxiety & it would have just added to the list of things that overwhelmed me.

-An infant carrier/wrap. This should’ve been #1 on my list. Jovie was colic & as I said, didn’t sleep, so we lived in my wrap. It wasn’t anything fancy (made by Colibri) but I would recommend trying on several different styles to find the one you like. It’s hard to tell until baby arrives but it is so worth the extra effort. She now lives in our Ergo carrier for outings but I can finally put her down in the play pen if I need to pee or make lunch (sometimes!)!

-Muslin cotton swaddling blankets. Once I discovered how to swaddle her, this was an important step for settling her to sleep or simply to calm her down if skin-to-skin wasn’t an option.

-A swing for naps. Other than being held most of the day, our girl took to the swing really well. We used a Graco from Costco. It was wonderful minus the obnoxious classical music options. I liked the nature sounds though!

For Mommy:

-A comfortable breastfeeding pillow. I was gifted a foam one that buckled around my waste. I bring up this item because Jovie nursed around the clock every 30 minutes to 2 hours every day for the first 8 weeks. Once we discovered side lying, the pillow wasn’t helpful anymore but the first month, I used it a lot.

-Comfortable, hypoallergenic peri pads. I got a weird rash on my bum from 2 store brands (Kotex & Always), almost like an allergic reaction. I honestly hated this aspect of postpartum. In hindsight I’m not sure what I could’ve done differently as I bled for the full 6 weeks so I really needed them. I’ll need to research other options when our next baby is on their way. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments box!

-Invest in 2 really good nursing bras. If you plan to breastfeed, of course. I still have been wearing these horrible ones from Sears. My mom friends recommend the brand Bravado. I’ll need to get on this!

-A versatile diaper bag that gives you space for your stuff. I didn’t start using a purse again until after Christmas! The options are endless I’m sure. I didn’t/don’t love ours but it did the job. It’s Jolly Jumper brand from Sears.

As I think back to those brief but exhausting moments, I’m amazed at how quickly they flew by. In the heat of the moment, I thought they’d never end though! I hope this list helps you as I think it would have helped me. I figured it all out by trial & error (as we do with Baby #1). Wishing you well.

With love, from

-Randi & Baby Jovie


3 thoughts on “Basic Needs: A List of Baby+Mom Items

  1. I use cloth pads for my regular period so I just ordered some post partum cloth pads from Etsy. I have a hard time going back to disposable if I have to. So uncomfy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great suggestion Sarah! I am on a Facebook group called ‘Mama Cloth Love’. I guess I’ve just been nervous for the change, but it’s definitely the healthier option! Perhaps I’m ready for the leap!?


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