Family First

With Spring newly arrived, I am reminded by the urgent need to ‘clean-up’. This isn’t just a cliche reference to the Spring Cleaning list I’ve been procrastinating on (although I really need to tackle that too!). This reminder is about my thoughts.

Surely I am not alone in my struggles with the ‘winter blues’. Throw in Postpartum hormones, a serious lack of sleep & an anxious mind and this is the formula for disaster! Yet, Springtime reminds me of the perfect opportunity to bring renewal into my life.

Rather than wasting my energy on worry, I am ready to redirect it to taking action. A worried mind does not help me accomplish anything except more worry! A focused mind though can really support me in my journey to cleaning up my thoughts & moving forward with more clarity!

A topic of stress for me lately has been how the future is going to unfold (read my previous post titled Growing Strong). Rather than worry about child care options, adjusting back into my nursing position or covering the costs of our household expenses, I feel the need to think about what I am in control of.

I had a vision this weekend about creating a baby goods business. One that can share my love for imagination, crafting & children all in one! Although this idea got me surprisingly more excited than I imagined, it has helped me focus on one important detail: my family comes first.

A business is a stressful endeavor. It’s also a beautiful option that could help address some of the worries I have as a new mom. It could be the perfect solution to helping me support our family while contributing equally & also allowing me to be with our daughter full-time. I can’t spend my time concerned about what others will think, my family is my #1 priority.

Now. I don’t have a crystal ball; but I do have this: faith. No matter how the next few months unfold as we move into Spring, I have faith that whatever we decide as a family will be the right decision for us. Family always comes first and I am reminded by the need to stay heart-centered & focused.



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